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Deal with the problem, not the label...

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Missed or inappropriate, early teaching

Neuralign Cognitive training provides brain preparation and teaching.  It is the best initial intervention as it  may be the only thing you need

Poor Attention


LENS Neurofeedback


Auditory Stimulation

Visual Balance


Lack of confidence

LENS Neurofeedback

Safe and Sound Protocol

EFT, Psych-K, Hypnosis

Poor listening and speech


Auditory Stimulation



Safe and Sound Protocol


Irlen Therapy

Poor Visual Processing

Visual Stress

These interventions...
  • work directly on the brain

  • work with specific areas of the brain

  • can work across all areas of the brain

Summary of Interventions available through DRS and what they help

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each intervention

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Missed or inappropriate early teaching
Processing difficulties

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Unique, just  40-55 hours of cognitive training/therapy program of targeted acoustic programming and English language practice for adults and children.

Building attention, listening, speech
reducing fears & moods

LENS  - Low Energy Neurofeedback therapy

A gentle powerful program
for children from age 2, to adults. 

Bellabee for Attention and concentration

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Home delivery for stress, attention
and concentration

 Visual Stress? Poor Visual Processing

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Irlen helps with....
Irlen Difficulties .png

Build Resilience
Manage Moods
Increase Confidence
Increase feelings of Safety

Holistic approaches including Psych-K, EMDR, EFT, HeartMath,
clinical hypnosis 

Safe and Sound Protocol

  • Social and emotional difficulties

  • Auditory sensitivities

  • Anxiety and trauma related challenges

  • Inattention

Adults and children improve
listening, speech, spelling, socialisation

Auditory Stimulation

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Forbrain & Soundsory

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