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Deal with the problem, not the label...
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Missed or inappropriate,

early teaching


It's important that school has not been missed and there has been good teaching. If not tutoring may be the best first step for you or your child. 

Poor Attention


Lack of confidence

Poor listening affects performance

Poor listening and speech

We need  to find out whether your concern is to do with visual or auditory attention, or trauma. Maybe your processing speed  is a concern.  These will guide us to the best way to help you.

Sometimes negative life or school experiences can create anxiety or lack of confidence. These can prevent or reduce learning and reading as well as affect relationships.  It may be important for you to deal with those issues  at the same time or preferably  a little before working on reading itself. 

Did you know that improving your listening and speech skills can have a huge impact not only on your reading, but also on spelling, and even your relationships? As we work to identify the kinds of difficulties you may have we can focus on improving all those areas.

Poor Visual Procesing affects performance

Poor Visual Processing

Visual Stress

When eyes are not processing information properly, you may experience more than poor reading. Research is finding that migraine headaches, driving and even sport can be affected. The stress of these can also affect reading.  

To deal with the underlying causes, we provide interventions which

  • work directly on the brain

  • work with specific areas of the brain

  • can work across all areas of the brain

Summary of Interventions available through DRS and what they help
Missed or inappropriate early teaching
Auditory and Visual Processing difficulties
Improvements in Reading with Neuralign

Unique, just  40 hours of cognitive training/therapy program of targeted acoustic programming and English language practice for adults and children.

Building attention, listening, speech
reducing fears & moods
LENS  - Low Energy Neurofeedback therapy
Neurofeedback will balance brain functioning and improve all areas required for good reading and attention

LENS Neurofeedback balances and harmonises brain function making iteasier for you or your child to  learn... 
A gentle powerful program for children from age 2 to adults for a range of issues. 

Bellabee for Attention and Concentration
Bellabee help reduce anxiety

Use at delivery for stress, attention
and concentration

 Visual Stress? Poor Visual Processing
Irlen Precision Spectral Filters help with....
Irlen..a pieace of the reading puzzle
Visual Processing affects a range of life activities

Build Resilience
Manage Moods
Increase Confidence
Increase feelings of Safety

EFT Tapping to reduce stress
Music to reduce stress and imporve listening
HeartMath Logo
Holistic approaches including Psych-K, EMDR, EFT, HeartMath,
clinical hypnosis 
Safe and Sound Protocol
SSP for adults and children
  • Social and emotional difficulties

  • Auditory sensitivities

  • Anxiety and trauma related challenges

  • Inattention

Auditory Stimulation
Auditory Stimulation Impovements
FORBRAIN: Improving listening,
speech, spelling, study and performance...
Forbrain talking is good for adutls and children
Forbrain for seniors.png
Toddlers to seniors
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