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YOU can Ditch Dyslexia

Dyslexia is harder to deal with because...

Reading is a complex process

Reading is a complex process

There are different reasons for dyslexia

VAK  needed for reading

There are "associated" causes

sad school girl

 You need to build brain synchronization

Brain Synchronisation

but they can all be dealt with!

While it may be too late to have you enjoy school, you can have a better time in further education, or in higher level jobs, if that's your goal.  Your child can have an easier, successful  time at school.

You can Ditch Dyslexia if you 
                               deal with the problem, not the label

You need interventions which deal with the real underlying and associated causes

By dealing with the problems beneath the label
                         you can ditch dyslexia and keep the gifts

What about those successful dyslexics?

Those with Dyslexia can have many gifts...
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