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Why use Dyslexia & Reading Solutions?

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Hello, I'm Maria,

I'm now a bit more lined and greyer than in the picture, but I think it will do.


I've been working with learning needs for around 65 years, as a student with learning difficulties myself, from 1966 a teacher, school deputy principal, from 1982, a school and career counsellor, tertiary lecturer, Head of Student Services at the then NTU, since 1991, a psychologist in private practice in Darwin and in Adelaide since 2006.

In my four years of teacher training, we learned something about Dyslexia and only a little about how to deal with it. I experienced significant failures in helping individuals with Dyslexia in those early days.



Fortunately, the increased understanding of brain functioning and advances in technology and other sciences during the "Decade of the Brain" in the 1990's, and despite the ongoing disagreements between researchers in different disciplines, Dyslexia & Reading Solutions, started in 2006 after our move to Adelaide, specifically to provide a ground-breaking  and a somewhat radical group of interventions, to rapidly improve reading. and other things such as ASD and ADD.  

Here are the main ideas which underlie my understanding of why dyslexia can be overcome:

Click here to see a video made many years ago when the word dyslexia was not so acceptable. Unfortunately we hear that the reasons given to parents about poor progress are pretty much the same now, despite there being many more "Dyslexia Friendly" schools.

Click here to see why people still believe that dyslexia  is lifelong, not considering that the way we deal with dyslexia depends on how we define it!


Instead of automatically assessing for a diagnosis, which can be expensive  (although often required for school, or other study purposes, or for an employer wanting to modify the workplace), we prefer to deal with the things you want to change, for example, reading, learning, behaviour, attention, performance or mood. and work. Of course, we will assess for these so you know how much improvement happens as we go along, and we can do a full diagnosis if you want.​


Now you understand why we use the combination of interventions we do.


It's my passion to help children and adults understand that they're not stuck and it doesn't necessarily take years to progress.

​If you are an adult prepared to Ditch Dyslexia using approaches you haven't considered before...or a parent willing to  look more widely at why things aren't improving and prepared and able to put in the time, then we can work together!

I look forward to your success.

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Let's work together....

Clinics at:

Hindmarsh - 5007

Mt Barker - 5251

08 71274938

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