Why use Dyslexia & Reading Solutions?


Wide experience includes working with learning needs for over 60 years, as a student with learning difficulties myself, a parent, teacher, tertiary lecturer, school deputy principal, career counsellor, Head of Student Services at the the NTU, and psychologist in private practice since 1991.  
Parents already know a lot, so it is not always necessary to have long, assessments (though sometimes it is).
I want to make sure I can let you know what the problems appear to be, and more than being "managed", how they can be dealt with – so they aren't a problem anymore. 
You can expect: 
  • Assessment of reading and underlying problems so you know exactly where things are at right now
  • A range of brain-based interventions for improving reading and learning skills
  • Dealing with underlying causes of reading and learning difficulties, such as visual stress and poor information processing
  • withdrawn, stumbling readers emerge to become confident, strong learners, able to get the best out of themselves… some in just a few short weeks using the Cognitive Training!!!. 
  • going beyond reading  "practice".
If you are an adult prepared to check out things you haven't considered before...or a parent willing to  look more widely at why things aren't improving...then we can work together!
Contact by phone  0871274938 or email