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What you need:  pre-school preparation

Pre - School Preparation helps all children.

Mother reading to her childrenn
You can tell before they go to school if there are possible problems

Nowadays scientists are looking for warning signs of learning difficulties in babies, for example, the Baby Lab,
at Western Sydney University.

This makes it clear that reading is only a symptom of Dyslexia.

There are warning signs you can detect before school starts.

If your child shows a few of them, contact us.
You can start interventions early for better results.

Some Departments of Education, eg South Australia, are making Pre-School available for all children, so this should reduce ongoing difficulties and make it easier to identify who needs help earlier. 

What can you do at home?

Question Mark
Child crawling
Playing "Pat-a-cake
Playing Hide and Seek
  • Play more crawling, creeping, singing, making animal noises, clapping, bouncing, drumming in time, "Simon Says"

  • Check hearing and vision asap

  • Consult with a speech pathologist if there are difficulties with speech, alphabet, rhyming​

  • Contact us, if you have done all that, and there are still problems, we have interventions to help pre-schoolers

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