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Specific concerns of many individuals with dyslexia

Family issues

  • sibling rivalry,

  • dyslexic parents /partners

Poor self-image,

School refusal

  •  Avoiding 

        - promotion-

         -further study

​It's harder to learn and become successful
if you don't feel safe and confident.

Sad schoolgirl

Your ability to perform and learn is affected. You can start thinking of past experiences: failure, teasing, negative feedback making you feel anxious, helpless, and stressed.


The brain can "shut down". Self-control, working memory, and ability for flexible thinking can also be affected.

These can make it harder to concentrate, pay attention

to what needs to be learned and take in new information. It's harder to persevere and to complete tasks.

​People looking at these behaviours, for example, may call for medication for inattention, instead of looking wider (or lower) for possible causes.

Worried schoolboy
Man understanding what he is looking at

It can be worse if you have  dyslexia - you may already be feeling overwhelmed and discouraged by difficulties with reading and writing.

Woman having trouble concentrating on work

Struggles with mental health

The video below has some hard hitting statistics, so if you have dyslexia, best to look at it with a family member or friend.

It highlights the need for early identification of dyslexia,and the need to provide early intensive fast, effective intervention. to reduce  negative "early childhood experiences" .

It also highlights the need to be aware of the emotional needs of many individuals with dyslexia which need to be supported in addition to
building skills. 

Individuals with dyslexia need support to deal with additional school and life difficulties

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