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Assessments are very necessary so you know where things stand now in relation to where you want to go much change is needed... and how much is achieved after intervention.

The cognitive training has an inbuilt assessment which determines the level to start and the test is carried out again at the end of the intervention  to show progress.  Some people use this alone.

Testing for Underlying Causes

You may already  know clearly what the  reading concerns are.  The school may have assessed reading. You may be clear about the difficulties you are noticing at work.

In such situations we can assess for the underlying causes:


  • processing of spoken language, accuracy of listening and repeating what is heard 

  • accurately and quickly processing what is seen - visual processing 

  • observing responses to changing visual and auditory information - attention

Each of these assessments cost $180 and $120 for a written report.  However, cost are reduced if more than one assessment is carried out.   

You already have a Dyslexia Assessment

Many times we work with people who have already had assessments and are looking for interventions that will help them reach their goals.  

However, because we usually assess for more than is in a typical assessment for dyslexia,  we may need to carry out additional assessments as above) before beginning interventions.

Dyslexia Assessment/Diagnosis

In our assessments we check for:

  • cognitive ability

  • reading accuracy and rate

  • reading and listening comprehension

  • spelling, writing speed

  • phonological skills/rapid naming

  • visual perception and processing

  • spoken language processing

  • attention - visual and auditory processing speed, distractibility


You find out what the problem is and what is causing it. 

You can take recommendations for school or work accommodations.


Cost: Assessment and Summary Report  $990

          Assessment and Comprehensive Report   $1290

Because there can be associated causes for learning diffiuclties, we can also  assessments for trauma, behaviour, moods, ADD at an additional cost based on the time required for the assessment..

LENS Brain Map Assessment

Assess brain functioning. Show if areas of the brain are working too hard or not enough, checking for overstimulation, flexibility, and evidence of trauma. 

Assessment costs $390 if done alone or $240 when combined with other assessments.

Other Assessments

Please call. We may be able to help

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