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Suffering Visual Stress?

How the brain interprets visual information affects academic and work performance, behaviour and attention.

some effects of visual  stress
Difficulties with visual processing affects many life areas

Irlen, supported by SPELD NSW in 1985

Unfortunately, despite significant research, validating the effect of visual stress on dyslexia and showing the benefits of Irlen Lenses, Irlen Syndrome is still seen as an unreliable novelty in 2023 (except by people who suffer visual stress).

Irlen Women Weekly Article early 90s

Irlen Lenses help more than reading...

Irlen Lenses help across the board
IMAGINE how easy school and learning are when you no longer

  • are bothered by glare, and have trouble reading words on white, glossy paper

  • see words or letters  appearing to,shake, blur, move, run together, disappear, or just hard to see (even if wearing glasses) 

  • feel strained or fatigued whenever you start to use the computer

  • write uneven height and spaced letters and words


IMAGINE how you feel without

  • getting headaches, mood changes, restlessness, or inattention when  there are fluorescent or bright lights

  • getting headaches when reading 

  • becoming tired and sleepy when reading

  • developing migraine headaches that no one can help with

  • having problems judging distance and difficulty with such things as escalators, stairs, ball sports, driving or parking the car, or coordination

Irlen Lenses also help some individuals with: 

ADD, ASD, Traumatic Brain Injury,

who are displaying these symptoms 

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