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Why do you need fast, accurate and
stress-free visual processing

Watch the video to see why good visual perceptual skills are essential for reading, comprehension, and more, and what happens
when we don't have them.


What if your brain can't quickly make
sense of visual information....?

VIsual Procesing occurs at the back of the head
  • visual information is misinterpreted/ processed

  • can't use visual cues (sight) to guide movement...

How might this affect your life?

  • if it is hard to recognise words, letters, numbers, shapes, similarities/differences, colour, order > cannot follow what is written on a board, ​can develop eye stress, nausea,  or "unexplained" migraines and headaches


  • poor depth perception can affect, driving and parking, sport and climbing stairs"clumsy", poor writing/driving,poor organization on paper,

  • distorted perception of size, shape, and motion can affect reading, handwriting, ability to gauge speed, can lead to sports injuries and motor vehicle accidents

  • seeing only small details and not the whole can cause difficulties understanding charts, diagrams

  • need to wear sunglasses most of the time, sometimes even indoors, due to visual overstimulation by light. Don't manage in bright venues eg shopping centres

  • can become overwhelmed by close visual tasks - may be unable to do or complete them, may develop emotional over-responses

  • can become confused and distracted and seen as "inattentive" or a "behaviour problem"

  • poor awareness of personal space will affect personal and social  relationships 

  • poor ability to accurately recognize facial reactions, body language of others, affects accurate communication, personal and social relationships


What interventions will help visual processing?

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 Getting vision checked it the first to do.


Then visual exercises and activities are important because some people only need practice.


If they create stress, mood or
" behaviour" problems, contact us.

For more information, download my booklet 

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