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Activities to help develop brain balance 

Children synchronising activities with dance

dance, a group or at home

Brain functions Humunculus

Movement and integrative activities help stimulate and activate the
whole brain

Adult and child dancing
Child...balancing activity

perfect plasticine "shapes" then letters

Plasticine Shapes


Playing a musical instrument

play a musical instrument

Plasticine letter shapes
"Painting" letters and making shapes

make very large "whole body"  shapes


Activities to help listening...
and even have fun as an adult...

listen to the sound of scissors
Listen to the sound of stapling
Listen to bird sounds
Listen to car sounds

indoors and outdoors

Listening for sounds 

sound patterns -
fast/slow, high/low, loud/soft

sound differences and letter sounds

Listen to differences in sounds

beginning and ending sounds



days of the week




tongue twisters


Listening to whispers
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"Manage" auditory processing issues..

Ask work or school for accommodations 

Ask for

  • reduced background noise

  • minimized distractions

  • slow speech and repetition 

  • one instruction at a time 

  • enough processing time for you to consider your answer to a question (ask that they don't repeat the question until you tell them you cannot answer)

  • a written copy/summary of verbal instructions

  • permission to repeat back what you just heard/understood, to make sure you have it right

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Some activities for visual perception /processing...

Visual Discrimination

spot the difference

Spot the difference foods
Spot the difference  letters
Spot the difference bears
Visual Space Relations
Different looking letters can sound the same

b is always b

Visual Closure 
Dot to dot helps visual closure

dot to dot for adults
and children

Visual Figure Ground 
Following Mazes helps Visual Figure Ground

Ignore the  lines that don't lead to the end of the maze

If you or your child has extreme difficulty with these kinds of activities  - tiredness etc... contact us
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"Manage" visual processing issues

Ask for accommodations
for school, work and for examinations

  • access to technology

    • help with writing tasks – speech to text

    • help for better listening  - text to speech

  • extra time on tasks, exams

  • simplifying tasks

  • flexible hours, additional breaks

  • quiet, non-distracting environment

  • reduced lighting


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