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Why do you need accurate, fast and stress-free processing of what you hear - listening?

Learning to read involves three aspects.

  • First you listen, recognise words, learn that words are made up of separate sounds, blend and repeat sounds to form words you hear

  • Second, you link the sounds you know to letters and letter sequences

  • Third, you say what you see and understand and remember what you have said.

That's a lot of things to put together. Problems can occur at any stage. But the first thing is efficient listening.

Watch the video to find out the types of problems that can happen when processing what you hear is not accurate

Watch the video to find out  how it can feel when you dont "get" the information because of poor auditory processing -
and the results 

Some adults and children battle this every day

What if your brain can't quickly
make sense of auditory information....

Where listening takes place
  •  incorrectly decodes - letters, sequences, phonics, items  - reading

  • affects...spoken/written language, communication, nervous system​

  • can’t...  focus, keep up​​

How may it affect your life?

  • ​​cannot easily follow what the other person is saying - a work colleague, a person on the phone, a parent...

  • don't "get" what is being said on TV/videos, or in a school/family group.  

  • can become...overwhelmed, distracted, confused, withdrawn or bossy​

  • behaviours...tune - out or become withdrawn, lethargic or reactive, irritated and angry, have temper tantrums, or act out.

You may be incorrectly labelled as having behavioural difficulties, working memory difficulties, ADD, OCD 


What interventions help the brain
make sense of auditory information....

Click here for

warning signs

First get hearing checked because it many be a hearing problem, not one of listening. However, even if it is considered a hearing problem, we may be able to help. 

Carry out activities to help develop listening and sequencing etc.

If your child continues to have difficulty, then contact us.

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