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Tired of hearing these "reasons" for
Dyslexia, reading or learning difficulties?

They'll grow out of it
Behaviour problem
Could do better
Doesn't try
Just lazy
It's lifelong
Late starter
It'll just click


Maybe the same things were said to/about you!

A man and woman possible dyslexics looking puzzled

It's a problem that such "reasons" continue to be given when there is an ongoing reading difficulty/dyslexia, especially when "Dyslexia" involves far more than "reading".

People who say these, may be unaware of the underlying neurobiological causes of ongoing reading difficulties, so they don't look for them or deal with them.  They are often not aware of the benefits some brain patterns give to some people with dyslexia, and so see things only in a negative way.



We provide a wholistic, scientific, fast approach to dealing with the underlying difficulties so that the positive abilities can shine.



If you are ready to Ditch Dyslexia now -
                    contact  Dyslexia & Reading Solutions

Link to contacting DRS
Child looking at sign saying Dyslexia is not lifelong. You CAN ditch dyslexia
is NOT lifelong!
You can 
Ditch Dyslexia
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