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Heard these...?

Reads poorly because....

Well, some of those reasons are true even for adults!

Good reading requires good phonological and decoding skills. And we need to check that first.


But that might not be enough. There might be other concerns.


Looking at a page of print might be be painful. It might be hard to pay attention. It might be hard to concentrate.


You might want to avoid reading. 

Or you might have spent some time teaching yourself to read...but don't feel confident reading aloud, after those not-so-good experiences at school.

That is why we provide a range of interventions to help with all of those areas....


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So if problems persist with your child, or for you as an adult,  talk with us about interventions which can help deal with the underlying causes.


We can help defeat reading difficulties and improve in learning. and life

We can get results fast.

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Reading intervention for adults and children

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