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Dyslexia has a neurological basis.

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Well, some of those may be true
even for adults...but...

good reading requires good phonological and decoding skills and good teaching. For this training to work, however, the brain needs to operate efficiently.

This short video introduces the different parts of the brain that need to work together for good reading.

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Good teaching might not be enough if brain pathways required for reading are not well connected or working efficiently.

Brain imaging shows that the parts of the brain required for reading, of a person with Dyslexia or ongoing struggling readers, are not as well developed as those of a fluent reader.

For many students, teaching the connections between sounds and letters in a very obvious and structured way and helping them to recognise words that  they have seen before, can be enough to get them over the line.


However, if the learner has issues which prevent them from "hearing" (processing what they hear) accurately and if they have issues "seeing" (processing what they see accurately), they can display many of the behaviours listed above, unless they are given interventions which deal with these underlying difficulties and increase confidence, attention and ability to concentrate at the same time.

The cognitive training we provide through LS Works does just that.  Have a look...

I've been working with cognitive training programs for reading since 2006 and am very pleased to provide this through Dyslexia & Reading Solutions.  We can help defeat persistent reading difficulties for a child, or for you as an adult. 

We can get results fast.


Please call  me on  0871274938 if you would like to know more or would like to book through our clinic.

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