Dyslexia Treatment
                     when phonics isn't enough...

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Heard these...?

Reads poorly because....

Well, some of those reasons are true even for adults!

Most interventions deal with dyslexia initially by teaching reading - developing phonological and decoding skills. And you do have to do that first.


But that might not be enough. Some still find it hard to read because they have different concerns.


For them, looking at a page of print can truly be painful. They can't do it for more than a few minutes (if at all). They can be termed "inattentive" with "poor concentration". Some will do all they can, to avoid reading. 


For these, a basic Dyslexia assessment may not give sufficient or accurate information and the usual Dyslexia interventions (may not be suitable, or enough.

That is why we suggest getting a bigger picture of Dyslexia - not just that there is a problem, but what may be the underlying neurological causes, that can be dealt with.


You can check below for what else might be going on... then we can talk about the most relevant and useful interventions that will make a difference.


Look here for some reasons why...

Look here for solutions to underlying difficulties...

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Because we understand that the underlying causes of dyslexia are neurological and can change relatively rapidly with the correct input, we can help with stubborn difficulties.


So if problems persist with your child, or for you as an adult,  talk with us about interventions which can help deal with the underlying causes.


We can help defeat dyslexia and overcome difficulties in learning. and life


                         We can get results fast.

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