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Neuralign ...

Getting the brain synchronised for learning,  reading and writing

A quick overview

Neuralign works for adults too...!

Why we need to deal with underlying issues...

Have a look at these steps.
Maths, writing and reading are at the top!

climbin steps.jpg

Academics -  math, writing, reading 

Life Management- behaviour, self control and social skills

Communication- oral and body language, word finding

Processing - attention, auditory memory,  phonemic awareness

Perceptual - auditory tracking, speech, oculomotor control

Sensory & Motor- vision, touch, auditory, vestibular, crawling, motor planning

You need to manage "master" the lower steps,
before you can be effective at the higher steps.

“The mind/brain creates the functional reading system by building upon previously acquired brain functions”

Virginia Berninger (Brain Literacy for Educators and Psychologists)

Auditory and visual processing speed, ocular motor skills, timing between vision and auditory and  all the parts working together are necessary for reading.
Sally Shaywitz, (Overcoming Dyslexia)

This is where we can help...starting with 

What is Neuralign?

Neuralign is a unique  cognitive training/therapy program  which consists of 40-hours (55 for adults) of targeted acoustic programming and English language practice that takes into account the brain functions required for reading, from beginning readers (learners)  to skilled readers.


Neuralign helps readers rapidly become skilled readers by using engaging game plays that connect and synchronise the elements of the neural, visual auditory and kinaesthetic  networks required for reading.

Neuralign works fast because it remediates multiple difficulties at the same timby including activities which deal with phonological skills, spoken language, visual processing skills and integrated functions  based on long term and recent scientific research.

Apart from reading speed and comprehension, Neuralign improves working memory and attention, and for some,  improved speech, math and handwriting. 

How much does Neuralign help?

Neuralign changes.png

For most, results are extraordinary and achieve what might otherwise take years, or may not ever achieve. 

Neuralign essa.png


Neuralign recently received a great recognition called the Tier 1 ESSA certification.

ESSA is a program established in 2015 by the US Department of Education that rates programs based on evidence of how much they help students improve. ESSA uses a tiered system to order the rigour of the research, with Tier 1 being the most rigorous


The Tier 1 certification is the best rating and it's given to programs that have done randomized experiments and proven to be successful. The Neuralign intervention has been assessed through research, evaluation, and statistical analysis to show that it is effective. Neuralign's certification is a good sign that it works.

Who does Neuralign help?

People neuralign helps _edited.png

Neuralign helps adults and children struggling with:

  • following oral instructions.

  • looking at patterns and colour contrasts.

  • eye movement control problems.

  • working memory

  • reading recall

  • fatigue when reading

  • dyslexia or a learning disorder

  • reading, spelling, or writing

If you are really self-motivated, you can do Neuralign as a stand alone intervention,  or otherwise with on-line support or in-clinic.
CAPD, visual &sensory processing disorders, ADHD, ASD, and language delays have  also improved, with additional support. 
Limited time 60% discount on the Neuralign online program.
Repeat as many times as needed over 12 months.
Excellent for those whose need more than 2 years improvemen

How does Neuralign help? 

  • improve reading skills in 40  hours
  • feel more comfortable  reading aloud
  • remember more of what you read
  • communicate better verbally and in writing
  • reach your full potential and work or study
Neuralign girl at screen_edited.png

Neuralign helps

 Neuralign provides targeted treatment of sufficient intensity and sufficient duration to develop new neural pathways  - super conductive highways -  quickly 

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