Have you ever been irritated when the picture on your excellent video is not showing clearly on the screen no matter what controls you adjust?


Do you find sunlight too bright or reading tiring?


Processing  what they see?

Is it hard working out what is written on the board or in a book. Is handwriting uneven or untidy? Do fluorescent lights and bright pages cause visual stress?

What about working at a computer?

No wonder finishing or even starting work can be difficult.


Children (and adults) who react to these sorts of things can be labelled disinterested or lazy, with ADD/D, ASD or poor concentration, when their difficulties are really due to poor visual processing.



What help is available?

Neurological processing difficulties prevent visual information from being accurately received, and so can affect reading and writing or even socialising.


School or work accommodations like more time, lowering the light intensity, or using a coloured overlay or paper can help, but do not resolve the issue.  


Interventions which smooth visual perception can help here.

  • Most times the best solution is using Irlen lenses to deal with the effects of light and colour. Talk with us about an Irlen Tinting assessment.


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  • Sometimes the other interventions are needed

    • to deal with unstable eye movements.  Talk with us about on-line cognitive training.


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