Dyslexia - bad and good news

What can happen over time for those with dyslexia...
Increasing  gap for those with dyslexia

Without appropriate intervention the reading gap for
those with dyslexia continues to increase over time.

The bad news about Dyslexia is...
  • Poor reading in more than 30% of people, preventing them from achieving their goals to their potential.
  • There is considerable misdiagnosis of Dyslexia.
  • If a child in Year 3 or higher is still not achieving in reading, more reading practice alone won’t help much.
  • If untreated, reading problems don’t go away. They get worse.
  • The emotional cost of ongoing poor reading is very high for the person, their families and the community.
  • Those with poor reading are more likely to skip school, be excluded from school, or leave school early.
  • In later life, they can find it harder to get work, to work in areas that they prefer, or to get promoted at work 
With comprehensive intervention,
dyslexia can be overcome 
With the right intervention dyslexia can be overcome

With our brain-based interventions and the brain's unique
plasticity, reading can be re-programmed to potential.

The good news about dyslexia is...


  • An assessment can show if there is dyslexia .

  • Each of the underlying causes of dyslexia can be dealt with. You do not have to "live with it".

  • When the underlying causes of dyslexia are dealt with, remediation is easier. 


  • With dyslexia overcome, education, career and life goals will be more achievable.

  • After interventions are completed, there will be more time for a happier home and you will save on ongoing long-term emotional and financial costs.


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