Dyslexia - the good news

With comprehensive treatment, dyslexia can be overcome 

With our brain-based treatments and the brain's unique
plasticity, reading can be re-programmed to potential.



The good news about dyslexia is...


  • Your child’s difficulties can be assessed to determine whether there is dyslexia and to find out what is holding them back.

  • Each of the underlying causes of dyslexia can be dealt with, some relatively quickly. Dyslexia does not have to be "lifelong". Your child does not have to "live with it".

  • With the underlying causes of dyslexia dealt with, your child can benefit from any catch-up remediation which may be needed.


  • With appropriate treatment, your child can succeed in their education and in what they want to achieve in life.

  • After treatment is completed, you will have more time for a happy home life with your child.

  • If you deal with it, you will save on ongoing long-term emotional and financial costs.

Clinic Dates
Adelaide Clinic
June 22-July 3
July 12-24
August 2-14
August 24-
September 4
Darwin Clinic
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Type and Costs

Dyslexia  Assessment

to find out where the problems are and what may be the underlying causes ​ - $880​

Perceptual Assessment

​ to find out what may be the underlying causes -


Screening Assessment

to check for visual stress or poor listening (no report) $140 each

Additional Specific Screening Assessments



Cognitive Brain Function

Assessment of moods

$75 each


Brain Map

(Adelaide only)

Alone - $390

With other assessments $240 

Comprehensive Psycho-Education Assessment


(Adelaide only)