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  • brain plasticity and auditory stimulation can help improve  word recognition and  speech, necessary for phonological skills and spelling

  • coloured overlays and filters help overcome the visual stress caused by light sensitivity, reducing reading speed and comprehension

  • concussions or even small jolts of the head, birth trauma or fast births may impede learning/reading


  • our Dyslexia interventions are suitable for you as an adult, or your child.


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Clinic Dates
Adelaide Clinic
August 24-
    September 4
September 13 - 26
October 5 -17
October 26-
   November 6
Irlen Tinting  
October 8 - 12
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on-line assessments
for Dyslexia 
Type and Costs

Dyslexia  Assessment

to find out where the learning problems are
and what may be the underlying causes
 ​ - 


Adelaide and on-line


Screening Assessments

Visual stress

Poor listening 

Extended Attention (not on-line)

$140 each + $90 report 

Additional assessments with reports



Cognitive Brain Function

Assessment of moods

$75 each


Brain Map

(Adelaide only)

Alone - $390

With other assessments $240