The reasons for ongoing reading problems 

One or more of these: 


  1. poor information processing - visual information, spoken language

  2. poor integration of the reading brain 

  3. poor attention brain balance


Clinic Dates
Adelaide Clinic
May 18 - 22
June 1-12 
June 22-July 3
Darwin Clinic
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Dyslexia  Assessment

to find out where the problems are and what may be the underlying causes ​ - $880​

Perceptual Assessment

​ to find out what may be the underlying causes -


Screening Assessment

to check for visual stress or poor listening (no report) $260

Additional Specific Screening Assessments



Cognitive Brain Function

Assessment of moods

$75 each


Brain Map

(Adelaide only)

Alone - $390

With other assessments $240 

Comprehensive Psycho-Education Assessment


(Adelaide only)