Poor attention has been found to be one of the major factors affecting learning and performance.

If you're feeling anxious, depressed or thinking too much of something upsetting, it's hard to pay attention and get good work-life balance.


Attention Balance Overload

This is a useful explanation.
Our Clinic uses LENS neurofeedback which
 treats the same functions, using less client effort and fewer sessions.

Children who have  "brain noise” interference, overexcitabilityor suppression in brain waves will have poor attention and memory.


They often can’t start, concentrate on, or finish tasks, including reading and writing.  They can often become anxious or depressed about their progress.


Programs which balance or allow the brain to re-set itself so concentration, attention, mood and behaviour change are useful here. 


Our clinic uses the LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) because it is fast, requires short and fewer sessions than other approachers and requires little effort from the client. 


Do you really need a
Dyslexia Diagnosis?


If you are reading this, someone has been reading below expectations for a while.

If you need a

Dyslexia Diagnosis


we can do that.

Darwin $990

Adelaide $880

which will include the perceptual assessment


if you just want to find out what are the underlying causes and what you can do about them, including recommendations for school or work,

then book only for the

 Perceptual Assessment

Darwin $650

Adelaide $550

or a

Processing and Attention



(no report)

These will show you what underlying difficulties there are and point to interventions


Darwin $450

Adelaide $390

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April  7 -24
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