Attention & Concentration

Most individuals with ongoing reading difficulties have trouble concentrating and paying attention.
The bad news  is...
  • Often people don't realise that the effort of reading causes extreme tiredness for them.
  • The brain can "shut off" so that they can no longer concentrate on what they are reading.
  • They can begin to look around, finding something else to do. In class a student may begin to talk with a peer instead of continuing with work. Eventually they can be labelled "inattentive"
  • They may be referred for medication (and some may really need it). However, attention can be improved in many ways: by dealing directly to improve auditory and visual processing, and by training the brain to develop a more attentive  mode.
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The good news is: 
Bellabee- a home intervention to improve concentration and attention even for adults.

The gentle electromagnetic pulses in the Bellabee Headband vibrate at different frequencies at therapeutic low levels.

Attached to your phone, using the same energy as used in headphones, the Bellabee Headband simply encourages your brain oscillations in the desired direction.

No training or effort is required. You can do it at your home as much as needed.

Current Cost 
$97 for one, $160 for two