Processing what they hear


Isn't it frustrating trying to understand when two or more people are talking at the same time, or when someone is talking (their lips are moving) but you can't quite understand what ithey are saying?


Some children and adults battle this every day at school and at work. They:


  • cannot understand what the teacher or other person is saying, what is being said on TV/videos, in a school/family group.  


  • may become withdrawn or irritated and angry and act out.


  • may be mislabelled as ODD, told they have behavioural difficulties or identified as having working memory difficulties. 


Because auditory information is not accurately received, words may not be accurately heard (poor listening), expressed (poor speech/ vocabulary), or written (poor spelling).


Our clinic uses research-supported, individualised auditory stimulation, speech feedback and other interventions, to regulate auditory frequencies and re-train the auditory system.


We have carried out hundreds of assessments. Together with our neuroscience, psychology and clinical experience, we can help deal with the needs of the individual child or adult.